Jörgen van der Sloot

Jörgen van der Sloot is co-founder of FreedomLab Future Studies, a thinktank and research lab that investigates the impact of technology on society. As lead developer of FreedomLab's ThinkLab methodology he develops creative thinking strategies that help organizations to innovate from a future perspective. As a host and enabler of such strategic and creative conversations Jörgen facilitates a group of people to take an outside-in perspective on their challenges. He designs a collaborative space and a collective mindset that generates new thinking, and builds a future proof vision on the world. From that future vision, strategic plans and new products and services are then developed in FreedomLab's Concept Accelerator Program in which Jörgen serves as a mentor. He has collaborated with many internationally operating organizations in the fields of media and consumer brands, finance and investment, insurance and pensions, education and charity. He has hosted sessions for groups ranging in size from 3 to 300 people and from boardroom to classroom. As program director of the College for Crossover Innovation Jörgen is responsible for all educational programs that FreedomLab runs on its Creative Campus in Amsterdam.